Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Funding My Degree!

Funding My Degree!

Help me fund my Bachelors Degree in International Development Studies and French!

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sensationnel Fab Fringe Wig Review!

 Wig Review

I know.. I'm not the best blogger out there. There are some periods where I constantly update and others it's like tumble weed rolling through .. Lol.

What's new?.. Well

  • I am now living in Canada. Currently a student
  • I am still having hair troubles. Looking back on this blog where my hair thrived, it is just disappointing because it's like no mater what I do my hair is not bouncing back and I feel its just getting worse. Sigh *Tear*

       && Drum roll please :D

I am rocking a WIG. Afterall it's the reason for this blog post :D

This the first day after unboxing
Why a wig?

Wellbeing in a new country with a new climate and my hair just constantly shedding and just getting thinner and I feel weaker I just had to do something to put it away. I choose the Sensationnel Fab Fringe because I liked the look. The cut was cute and thought it would have looked good with my face shape.

The Review...

I bought this wig from Blackhairspray in the colour 1b. It cost me 31USD in total which includes the cost of the wig and to ship it to Canada. This was much better than buying it here because I saw it on 'Canadian black hair' website for $60 and that did not include shipping (I know that crazy right!)

Let me say it took a while to get here. Over a week. When I got it I didn't d anything to it like I have many of the ladies cut it to their specifications. I thought it was fine as it. I really liked it the first week and then second week I tried to add some curl/wavy pattern to it but that was an EPIC fail. The thing didn't curl it just made it look like a birds nest. But I got that sorted out with a flat iron and just putting it back in the bag it came in. One thing about the hair is that at the front, there is something definitely off with the colors. There's a part that's obviously a #1 but the wig I ordered is a 1B.. That's just strange and I don't care for it.

When it first arrived the bang laid perfectly but now its all over the place. This I don't mind cause I can control and I don't like hair that looks all neat and every single strand in place ALL THE TIME. The longer you wear it the less wiggy it looks so that's a good thing. But one thing I am really annoyed by this wig is its level of shedding. When I unboxed it the hair was falling out from everywhere and these weren't single strands. Two weeks after it still sheds but not as much as when I first opened the package. Also, the adjustable straps aren't very useful to me. I have to either keep them unhooked or just hooked on the first strap because the hair would just rise at the back and not lay flat. I don't think this is a norm...So...

  • Nice cut
  • Doing it purpose as acting as protective style
  • Affordable- depends on where you buy though
  • Looks less wiggy with time

  • Didn't curl well
  • Ordered 1b but there are visible #1 colors
  • The back straps are useful
  • Don't like the comb to the back

So would I recommend this wig to anyone else?

Of course I would! When its useless to me I would probably buy again but just not from blackhairspray. I really think your experience with the hair is heavily dependent on where you purchase the hair.

<3 Chloe

Monday, May 4, 2015

Relaxer Day Update (04.05.15)

So I have relaxed (self relaxed for the 3rd time ever) and I have to say it came out great. Although last time I didn't get the front completely straight but think time the left front is well done but the right side could have been straighter but it isn't as bad as last time. But hey! I'm learning still.

I'm excited is because I was tired of dealing with these two textures. I was apart of the castor oil challenge and my new growth is so thick and unbearable. Believe it or not I cant wait to straighten to gt rid of these thin ends and just work on my hair again.

The relaxer plan:

  • Detangled with a wide tooth comb, part my hair in three sections and then did those sections ins smaller 1 inc sections for making the relaxer process easier. I based my scalp with Hollywood Beauty castor oil and on the length of my Paul Mitchell the detangler and Roux Porosity. By the time I was done there was considerably a good amount of hair in the sink. But then I took in account that since I was Thursday I have't put a comb to my hair or detangled. Also  Most of the hairs had a curly end and white bulb so it was shedded hair. I'm glad it wasn't breakage so this just means I have to work on my shedding.
Detangled  hair balled up

Same  hair in sink..

After mid-protein and neutralizing
  • Relax with ORS No lye. It took me about 25 to finish. For some reason I was running out of time and didn't want to go beyond so I washed out. I also observed the relaxer creme turned orange. I wasn't alarmed though. i just figured it was because of the Henna treatment I did two weeks ago.
  • Do mid protein step w/ Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor. After rinse the relaxer I put in Aphogee w/ coconut oil and left it in and massaged for about two minutes. Most ladies who said they did this said their hair reverted. This didnt happen to me. Maybe I didnt leave it  in long enough? LOL I will  continue to include this step.

  • Neutralize with Motions Neutralizing shampoo about 4 times with leaving the shampoo in for 2 minutes twice. There's something I don't get. When I neutralize the shampoo suds never turn pink. So does that mean I had gotten out all if not most the relaxer before hand? Crazy right?

  • I didn't get to include the black tea rinse like I wanted. Mainly because I forget to put it too steep. By the time I remembered it was too late so I skipped it.

  • DC w/Keracare Humecto with coconut oil and castor oil. These two oils are now KEY components in my regimen. Will not go without.

  • I did a quick towel dry and then put in my leave ins. These include Aphogee Green tea keratin, Darcy Botanicals Leave in, Paul Mitchell Super Skinn Serum, Creme of Nature Straight from Eden Dentangling Spray and Creme of Nature foam wrap. At first I thought it was toomuch but my hair didnt feel weight down at all.

  • I  let my cousin rollerset my hair in big rollers. I cannot do that. If i did it I would be putting them back in after they keep falling out. By time she was finish I was about 50% dry but I went under the dryer set at low for 45 mins 
  • When the 45 mins were over my hair was completely dried I oil my scalp with castor  oil and put some L'oreal serum my mom has (I dunno the name lol but I like it..smells nice) , and coconut oil on the length of my hair. Wrapped and then a bit of sheen spray. Now I just have my hair wrapped to go for my trim tomorrow. 
This relaxing session went well if I do say so myself. lol. 
Today's results. I'm grazing BSL but that's about to change

<3 Chloe